Our Icelandic horses introduced

We have horses of all ages, some born in Iceland, some in Denmark and our youngsters born in Britain. Our oldest horse Stefnir is father of over 460 WorldFengur registered offspring. He is in a very good condition so hopefully more to come. Since our ´restart´ our first set of foals were born in 2019.

Every one of them is different and has its own history, impossible to detail here but hopefully a good insight to each horse and if you want to know more you are very welcome to get in touch with us.

Stefnir frá Sandhólaferju

Stefnir frá Sandhólaferja, born 1993 in Sandhólafejra Iceland was bred by Bjarni, who was the farm manager at Sandhólaferja at the time. He bred Lína, daughter of Þokki frá Garði to a controversial stallion Þytur frá Enni. Stefnir came to Anglesey as one year old colt. He was trained by Kjartan on Anglesey and shown the first time at seven years old to first price at the British Championships breeding show. Then he was brought to Denmark where he was shown in Herning where he achieved the highest mark, total 8.51, ever given to a four gaited horse. This was followed by a gold medal at the world championships in Austria 2001. He spent most of his time in Denmark though he had two summers in Norway. He is now back on Anglesey. He has over 460 registered offspring and some have achieved very high grades. In fact, he has honorary price for offspring.  

Stefnir is a very spirited horse with fantastic stamina, very positive attitude and willing to please. In the herd he is very kind to his mares and foals and is often seen playing with the foals - very nice to watch.

Styrmir from Anglesey

Styrmir born 2021 in Anglesey. He is a son of Svipur fra Stutteri Borg and Freydís. He is developing very nicely perhaps one for the future.

Kostur from Anglesey

Chestnut gelding by Funa and Kraftur from Yggdrasil. Kraftur has shown fabulous ability and is scored highly. We are looking forward to seeing what he has in store. 

He is in early training and maturing nicely but slowly, kind and obedient. 

Freyr from Anglesey

Born 2019 in Anglesey. Striking and nicely put together, strong and tall for his age. Very bold and confident temperament. Freyr is bay coloured, a son of Stefnir and Freydís. He is gelded and we look forward to training him. Update January 2022; Freyr is easy to handle and is now halter trained. Further update December 2022: He has had early training and has a very confident temperament has never put a foot wrong. He is backed but not ridden.

Steini from Anglesey

Born 2021 in Anglesey. He is a son of Svipur and Funa. He is an exciting prospect and we'll looking forward to seeing how he matures.

Stjáni from Anglesey

Son of Stefnir and Funa, bay colt.. one to watch in the future. Update January 2022; Stjáni is now halter trained. Very tall but gentle. Spring 2022 update; Stjáni is now gelded and already playing again.

Freydís fra Stårupgård 

Freydís was born in Denmark, had a foal when she turned four years old then trained in Switzerland and completed her training in Anglesey. 

Freydis is quite a bold mare but kind, she is very safe companion out in the woods, fields, dunes and on the beach. She loves children and is as safe as a horse can be around children.

Fengur fra Stutteri Borg

Fengur is a favourite riding horse. He is a very tall, powerful and extremely willing four gated gelding. Fengur was an accidental covering but a lucky strike born (2010) and brought up in Denmark and trained in Switzerland and Anglesey. 

Tvenna From Anglesey

Tvenna born 2019 in Anglesey. She is a daughter to Þrenna frá Gigarhóli and Sjóli frá Dalbæ. She is chestnut filly with a star and a snip and flaxen mane. She is a playful and a happy girl .. looking forward to see what she has to offer. Tvenna is in early training now.

Stefna from Anglesey

Full sister to Freyr by Freydís and Stefnir. Stefna seems to be bold and confident, friendly with lovely lively eyes. Looking forward to the training. 

Stjarni from Anglesey

Born 2021 in Anglesey. He is a son of Stefnir and Þrenna. He is an exciting prospect and we'll looking forward to seeing how he matures.