Horses that have moved on from us

Nothing lasts forever ... 

Þrenna frá Gýgjarhóli

Born in Iceland but we bought her from Denmark as a breeding mare. She's had three foals for us and was a very good mother for them. After weaning the last foal we have started riding her a little and she seems to be well trained, quite willing and sensitive but very well behaved. In spring 2022 Þrenna has found a nice new home in South Wales.

Funa fra Yggdrasil

Born in Denmark and here with us as a breeding mare .. although she is broken in. She is a tall mare but lightly built. 

When we started riding her we found her safe and obedient though a little green. She has in the spring of 2022 found her new home with Þrenna in South Wales.

Ás from Anglesey

Promising young son of Þrenna and Stefnir. He was coming up for two years old when he after a short unexplained illness passed on to pastures greener.

Svipur fra Stutteriborg

Svipur is a son of Stefnir and Sif frá Hávarðarkoti, Sif was a very fine horse and did exceedingly well in pace with 21 sec for 250m. Perhaps the fastest mare at the time. Svipur was born in Denmark and had no or very little training up to 8 years of age when he came to Anglesey. Svipur is a very confident and kind gelding, a fluent five gater and willing but very biddable. A very nice ride for anyone except complete novices.  In December 2022 Svipur has found a new owner on Anglesey.